Monday, May 19, 2008

Sinusitis Infection Vaporizer

Trapped bacteria and mucus in the sinus cavity cause a sinusitis infection. The bacteria become trapped when they attack the already swollen cavity lining, causing more inflammation at the opening to the sinus cavity and in the cavities themselves. The bacteria and mucus cannot escape the cavities by way of the cilia because the exit is too inflamed. There are many symptoms a of a sinusitis infection. Sometimes patients will experience green nasal discharge, congestion, postnasal drip, facial pain, cough, and headache. When the sinusitis infection lasts for more then twelve weeks, a patient may also experience loss of sense of smell and taste, and the patient may become fatigued.

One treatment that may relieve the symptoms of a sinusitis infection is a vaporizer. A vaporizer’s steam may help with congestion. A vaporizer however is just a temporary relief. The steam itself cannot clear the sinusitis infection. Some patients may also use nasal sprays. Nasal sprays only work on the lower part of the sinuses because their large particle size cannot make it through the inflammation at the opening to the sinus cavities. Their particles will not make it into the sinus cavity, where the infection is. Many physicians will prescribe oral antibiotics, which work by entering the blood stream and traveling to the area of infection. Unfortunately, in the sinuses there are very few blood vessels, making it difficult for the amount of antibiotic needed to make it to the sinusitis infection. Most of the time the antibiotics will also cause side effects.

Sinus Dynamics is a new treatment for sinusitis infections that will clear the symptoms and also will take care of the infection itself. Sinus Dynamics uses the top of the line technology to fight sinusitis. Sinus Dynamics is a form of nebulized therapy, which uses anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals, and antibiotics to relive sinusitis rapidly. Because of Sinus Dynamics 3.2 micron particle size, it works quickly to get into the sinuses through the infection and inflammation. There is little to no side effects with Sinus Dynamics medications, and since it directly goes to the sinus cavity, and it has a better chance of working its way into the blood stream and freeing the patient of their sinus infection symptoms. Sinus Dynamics nebulized therapy is safe, easy, and has a 98% success rate in patients.

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